I have always looked at my world as an artist, focusing each scene "through the lens" of an imaginary camera. It wasn't until 2000, when I purchased my first digital camera, that I even considered the "fine art" aspect of my photographs. Then, one stormy morning in April, I shot a picture of an unusually turbulent sky and when I viewed it on my computer, I was totally blown away. That picture known as "Angry Sky" became my first venture into the "commercial" side of my art and led me on a path of award winning entries in juried photography shows & exhibits in Alabama over the past 18 years.

I photograph scenes that are details of a broader picture - an architectural element of an old crumbling building, the symmetry of a pier from below and the shadows of a beach fence caught in the afternoon light. From the whimsical bicycle melting into the sidewalk to the ghostly image of a brooding sky over confederate gravestones, I am drawn to those unique shots of ordinary places, many of which surround us but often are not "seen" by others. Many times the interplay of shadows, the contrast of light and dark, the tones of grey are the things that make the scene - these are the qualities that "tell the story" in my images. Living on a farm in rural Alabama has also given me an appreciation of the beauty and simplicity of a world far removed from the urban scene - a quality I try to capture in each of my photographs.


You can purchase my art on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/jalamfineart
Or locally in Anniston, AL at Noble Street Gallery 


Contact me via email at jalamfineart@gmail.com